March 7, 2012

Do You Feel Lucky?

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone can tell a particular incident where he or she felt lucky or unlucky.  Is there such a thing? Some say yes, others say no. When I was in school and passed a test, I didn’t feel it due to luck. I knew it was because I studied for the test; on the other hand, if I didn’t pass it you can be sure it was because I didn’t study.
When it comes to writing a book and seeking an agent or publisher, we move in to a different arena where we think luck may play a part, don’t we? Would you feel lucky if you found someone who wanted to represent you or publish you? I suggest it might not be luck. Maybe your novel is good and that’s why they want to represent/publish you.
Sometimes we don’t know why we are chosen or why we aren’t. There could be many reasons. This post isn’t to give you answers as to why or why not but to explore other ways. Sometimes good happens and sometimes it doesn’t. If they want to represent/publish your novel, could it be they liked it? Possibility right? I’m just saying, rather than feeling like you are on a see-saw and the cosmic fairy is deciding whether today you are going to be lucky or not, wouldn’t you feel better to know you had some control in the outcome?
Maybe we could double check that manuscript one more time for errors, style, and grammar and story flow.  Then there is spending more time researching agents before we send our manuscript out. Make sure we do our part. Will that guarantee the agent or publisher will want us? No. However, is does help us have more control and depend a lot less on being LUCKY; something that may or may not exist.

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