December 16, 2011

The Gift of...Gifts

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

"The pen is mightier than the sword."

Each string of prose is beauty; each strike of the keyboard  music. When you exercise your gift of writing whether you're composing a tweet, blog post or a chapter of your novel, you give with your gift. Every word represents an opportunity to enhance the life of another.

This holiday season I want us to ask ourselves what keeps us from giving our gift?


fear of rejection or failure

time constraints

Give the gift this year that is the most personal and meaningful - the gift of the pen. Write the acknowledgments for your non-fiction book and mail them to each person included. Compose a letter to your family with a paragraph detailing all the reasons you love each person. Address your gift tags with adjectives describing the recipient and let them guess on Christmas morning which present is for them based on the description.

Sometimes the best gift to give is the one you already have.

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