Friday, September 30, 2011

Speak to Me

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

It is safe here behind the computer screen. Its' invisible shield guards me from taking a bigger risk. I can edit at length and often and linger as I pen prose to shape the sands around me.

Does this echo in your heart? I'd like to challenge you to step away from the computer screen and take center stage. Writing is the benefactor of speaking.

Think Fast

I used to belabor every verb selection and cringe over each -ly or -ing word. I meandered on the path to publication. Somedays I spent hours composing a single blog post. The world behind the microphone has trained my mind to think fast and not turn every moment of prose into a museum of anti-progress.

Think Big

The patch of ground under your La-Z-Boy is malnourished. Super size your thinking by blending speaking with writing. When you speak, you write in real time. You interpret the expressions and reactions of your audience as the words flow out. You make adjustments. You fill the stage. Your thoughts expand with the size of your platform.

Think Clear

Do you work from an orderly outline or allow words to flow from your heart at their own pace? An effective speaker is one who knows where they are going next. One illustration or anecdote flows into the next and weaves a tapestry of a story told one sentence at a time.

The same is true of an article, essay or novel. Speaking practices your mind in the art of knowing what comes next. A clear path prevents wasted thinking time and redeems it as writing time. Your clear thoughts lead to a early completion.

Think speaking isn't for you? Start small. Volunteer to read during story time at your local library. Raise your hand to introduce the speaker at your next function. Then dare to take center stage and have your thinking and writing transformed through speaking.

Your fast, big, clear thoughts translate to extra articles accepted for publication and additional book sales. You might even make a few extra dollars in speaking fees to fund your writing. So come on...and speak to me.


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