September 9, 2011

My Blog Blows

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

My blog blows. Do you ever feel that way? You've followed all the design advice and your blog appearance is top notch. You provide excellent content. Everything about your blog says professional. The only problem is your reader list which is your mom, your great-aunt Martha and your first grade teacher, Mrs. Goldstein.

Before you turn in your Blogger badge and ride off into the sunset, consider trying these tips:

Hang with Your Hombres

You're blogging about gardening but spend your free time at an inner city roller derby rink. Chances are they don't know a petunia from a peony. Find places your audience congregates and mingle. Your mastery of the subject will naturally draw these acquaintances to your site.

Help a Hero

Find someone in your area of expertise whose blog you devour. Volunteer to help them by commenting on their blog or reposting their blogs on Twitter. You may be thanked with an opportunity to guest post or with a credible recommendation.

Host a Happy

Everybody likes getting something for nothing or practically nothing anyway. Fund a giveaway for your site that directly relates to your content. If you're blogging about beauty, aggregate a package of new product. If you're writing movie reviews, offer movie passes complete with popcorn and drinks. What do you ask in exchange? Ask them to follow your blog, mention it on Facebook or tweet about it. You'll be amazed how excited people can get over even a low-value prize.

Does your blog blow? Harness the wind by hanging with your hombres, helping a hero or hosting a happy. Soon your blog will blow hurricane style.

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