January 2, 2020

Make this Your Decade to Shine

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Today’s blog post was inspired by “Tour Collierville Magazine’s,” November/December 2019 editor’s letter, titled, “Let Your Soul Shine”, the Allman Brothers song titled, "Soulshine" and the arrival of a wonderful new decade. The possibilities abound. Do you have a plan for your writing?

The editor’s letter quotes her publisher dad, Keith. He said, “Everyone can give, but no one gives like a child. When they want to give you something, they truly want you to have it and it means everything to them. It’s a way they let their soul shine.” Albeit, Keith was talking about the gift giving that occurs during the holiday season. However, don’t you just love the combination of those words “soul shine?”

The editor says, “If we all let our soul shine like children, it would have the potential to change the way we give.” Can you imagine if you use those words to influence your new decade of writing? Let your soul shine in your writing, and it may inspire you to connect with your readers in a new way in a new year.

Pick up your pen or laptop and “let your soul shine.” This is your decade!

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