February 14, 2019

Today, Valentine’s Day, Write a Love Letter to Someone You Love

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. You’re a writer, so instead of a card with a funny or trite poem, you should write a love letter to someone you know. It doesn’t have to be a spouse. It could be someone important in your life who doesn’t normally hear from you about how you feel, maybe your child, a gal/guy pal, a teacher. Everyone has someone in their life that they love. It’s time to let them know. 

So here’s my 411 on how to write a letter for someone you love. 
*Use good quality paper, with a paper weight that feels good in your hands. This is not the time to use copy paper from your computer to dash off a note. Details are important. 
*Definitely use a pen. If you want to be fancy you could use a calligraphy pen which takes the work out of making your writing look spectacular. 
*Do a rough draft first to get everything you want to say in the correct order. You could actually use the Notes app for your rough draft which gives you the ability to write while you’re waiting or commuting, etc. 
*Details such as the stamp you use convey the thought you put into the gift to your loved one. You wouldn’t want to use a “Grinch” stamp on your love letter. You want them to feel your love in the presentation as well as the gift of your words.
*Creating the letter; begin by giving an overview as to the purpose of your letter.  Recall a shared memory which is unique to just you two; tell your loved one what you love about your relationship. Be sure to include how your loved one has changed your life and end with a sentence that expresses your feelings for your loved one.

If you’re looking for more ideas re-read, DiAnna Mills SWM's, Suite T blog post from yesterday. She explores her characters language of love.

Did you know, American novelist Ernest Hemingway wrote sentimental letters to actress Marlene Dietrich, who was his platonic best friend? He wrote approximately 30 letters between 1949 to 1959. According to an article by Dietrich's daughter, Maria Riva, explains their fascinating relationship New York Times article

One of the quotes Hemingway wrote to Dietrich was, "I can't say how every time I ever put my arms around you I felt that I was home.” Awe, how beautiful to read those words. Doesn’t it make you wonder how Dietrich felt when she received them? She loved Hemingway’s letters enough to keep them. 

So how about you? 

Are you ready to write your own love letter to someone you love?

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