November 8, 2017

The Writer Within

By Adriana Girolami

How do we discover the hidden talent and ability to become an author? Personally, I didn't know it for a while since I am a portrait artist by profession, thus believing my creative talent rested only in that area.

However, I enjoyed writing and making up storylines for my own amusement, sharing it at times with family and friends. I never realized that most writers are creative in several areas of the arts, and are able to multitask because of that ability.

Although busy, I managed to write a full manuscript based on the European Middle Ages. It is a time of history that has always fascinated me.

I recall the joy experienced in expressing myself through the power of words. It is a feeling that was lacking even when I painted my finest portraits.

The main focus is based on creating exciting three dimensional characters. They seem so real to me, and almost leap off the pages through the power of my vivid imagination. The storylines have many unexpected twists and turns, and a natural crescendo toward an exciting and surprising ending.

The great satisfaction I experienced in writing a full novel did not stop me from letting the manuscript languish for a couple of years on a shelf just collecting dust. This was because publishing the book never even entered my mind...

I am certain that there are many creative writers out there with wonderful stories to tell who are not even aware of their special gift. They will leave their finished or unfinished manuscripts on a shelf collecting dust, or forget them on some lonely closet shelf.

Fortunately for me, a friend of mine who is a talented author managed to read my manuscript. He was impressed by the story line and style of writing. Thus he insisted that I make some serious attempts to have my book published

Thanks to his help, I was able to publish two books with my third book now just being released. These three titles comprise my "Knights Templar Trilogy", with the last title being named Templar's Redemption.

As an ancillary benefit, I also had the joy of creating all the covers for my books.  Being a portrait artist by profession proved invaluable to me for this endeavor.

Being an author is exciting, but challenging. It requires patience and at times, a good dose of discipline. Marketing is also frustrating at times. Rejections and disappointments are part of the trade.
However, all the difficulties do not compare to, or diminish the great satisfaction of seeing your manuscripts finally in print. Besides, the positive inputs from readers who love and appreciate the books are an added benefit.

My suggestion to all potential writers is this-- Even if you are discouraged at times, please do not question your own creative ability.  Allow the writer within to surface. It will be a guiding light in your exciting and rewarding journey as an author.  
Adriana Girolami is an historical romance author. She was born in Rome, Italy and credits the ancient beauty of her native country for her love of history. She immigrated to the United States and attended The Art Students League in New York City. She is a professional portrait artist who loves to write and express her creativity not only with a brush, but also with the power of the written words. Her debut novel, Mysterious Templar is now a part of "The Knights Templar Trilogy" followed by The Crimson Amulet and Templar's Redemption, the third book just published. Being also an artist she particularly enjoys painting the covers for all her books. She is a world traveler, and has been privileged accompanied by her husband to visit many beautiful places in the world. Since her work is sedentary, she exercises  faithfully, loves to jog, plays racquetball and has a black belt in Kenpo Karate. She always looks forward to a special tomorrow and writing her next exciting novel. Social media links are:

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