October 6, 2017

How to Become Good at Writing

By Melisa Marzett

Writers are famous for their dis-confidence whether they are worldwide known or just beginners. In order to become a writer, you are going to need time, persistence and practice.

Write every day. You may write for either long time range or short. Write a paragraph or a page a day but do it every day!

If you do not have time, get up earlier or go to bed later so there were at least 15 minutes to drop a few lines.

Do not be afraid to write something bad, just do it. Do not leave pages empty. If you do not know what to write, begin writing at least something, for example how bored you are, or about some object in the room and after some time ideas will occur your head.

There are special collections of mind joggers for writers on the net, bookstores or libraries; such collections were developed especially to spark imagination of a writer.

If you write during a certain period, you might stuck in one style of writing, theme or format. Write regularly, do not make efforts, and vary your style and format. Efforts are important factor, which is necessary for any skill. To increase your "authormanship," do the following:If what you write looks the same, change your style. Make it like a style of other writer or combine styles of a few writers.

If you write for a blog or a certain project, hit the pause button. Write something totally different.

Ask a few writers to read your piece and estimate it; Also, you may suggest reading and estimating their pieces. Welcome useful criticism of your pieces, directed onto their improvement. Avoid your works to be read by people who developed negative attitude to you (their criticism will not bring any positive results).

Look for online communities of writers on the net or communities interested in your theme.
Find information about local pen-club on the net or in the library.

Write articles on wiki-sites (for example Wikihow or Wikipedia). You will help people who need information and they will tell you how to improve your work.

If you cannot motivate yourself to write regularly, commit oneself to write other people (it is going to be external motivation of sorts). For instance, write letters to your friends and relatives on a daily basis or apply for participation in some writer`s contest.

The first piece of a writer always request perfection. Doe writing a play (a story, a novel, etc), re-read your work and find sentences, paragraphs or entire pages you are not satisfied with. Re-write a scene from the perspective of another personage, try to find other lines of the development of the action or change the order of events. If you are not sure why you do not like a paragraph (a page, an action or a scene), re-write it, forgetting about the original paragraph, then compare both paragraphs and define what you like most of all about both versions.

Remember that rewriting both paragraphs (pages, actions or scenes) you like is very difficult.

Read as much as you can. Enrich your vocabulary. Learn grammar rules. Adopt your work to interests and preferences of targeted audience. Brainstorm before starting to work. Write about what you would want to read about. Define a format of your narration. Write down your ideas. Make a plan of what you want to write about. Sound to the bottom of your piece. Write as fast as you can without looking onto the keyboard and having no worries of grammar; just write what you think of. Edit a manuscript. Ask someone to read your piece and estimate it, for example, friends, other writers (you know) or readers of your blog. Re-write and re-write again.

Try to find a cozy place an inspiration will come to you. Some people like quiet places while others prefer writing in noisy cafĂ©. Get in touch with a local writer or visit an autograph signing session of some writer in order to get an advice of a professional. Although, oftentimes, famous writers are covered up with letters, some of them try to respond.    

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