February 23, 2017

Peeking Over Your Neighbors Fence

By Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor for Southern Writers Magazine

If you are like most Americans there is a good chance you live in a subdivision or neighborhood where neighbors are close at hand and fences divide your yards and provide your privacy. I’m no different. I have great neighbors but do appreciate our fences. As they say good fences make good neighbors.

We do get curious about what is going on in our neighbor’s back yards and will on occasion take a peek over the fence. I sometimes look through the cracks or knot holes that have popped out. Now this isn’t something we hide from each other. We do talk to each other by climbing up on the fence or will even put a ladder against the fence to get a better look. 

We admire our gardens, lawns, flowers and especially the smoke rising from the BBQ. We share gardening and lawn tips and recipes for outdoor cookouts. As divisive as the privacy fence may appear, and it can be, we openly look beyond it and happily share with our neighbors. As a matter of fact there is a sense of pride in being asked about our backyard success. There is also a great deal of wisdom shared and gathered from the peeking across the fence visits.        

Southern Writers Magazine is what I call the ultimate peek over your neighbor’s fence. Your author neighbors are similar to my own. They are happy to see you looking over the fence or through the cracks and knot holes. They do the same. They share their wisdom and seek yours. Each author has a sense of pride in their back yard a sense of pride in sharing with others. They, like us, want their yard as well as their neighbor’s yard to look great. It makes for a better neighborhood and community.

If you had been following Southern Writers Magazine since its first issue you would have taken a peek over the fence of 1,032 author neighbors. Each having a story of their own and each allowing you to peek into their backyard. They know they achieved a great back yard by peeking over their neighbor’s fence and are happy to share with the next neighbor over.

If you have missed taking a peek you can start today. You simply go to our subscription site  and subscribe. Whether a reader and want a look inside your favorite author’s way to write or an author and looking for ideas that will help you along the way you will enjoy each issue. So take some time and take a peek. You won’t regret it.


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