July 27, 2016

How Do I Write?

By Roger Rapel

I am fortunate in my writing as I have real-life situations to draw from, albeit I have to fictionalise the work yet it always has an element of truth.

Retiring as a detective sergeant after spending 30 years in the UK police I have served in many departments including tactical firearms, drug squad, CID and Crime Squads–to name a few, but was always on the front line.  I’ve spent years investigating serious crimes including murders, rapes, child abuse and many other criminal activities.

There is nothing like having experience to draw from; it empowers you, but then you have to be careful not to go over the top; try to find a happy medium. Using the theme, what would the readers like to read rather than what you want to write about; it has to be interesting and semi factual. Just look at CSI, it’s written mostly to reach an audience; but based on some truth. My service in the police gave me an eye opener to real life situations and the depravity that some people stoop to.

Writing with impact, I try not to use embellishment. I draw on police report writing skills, being factual and to the point.

I read somewhere, (can’t remember for the life where) ‘Don’t write 20 words when 5 will do.’ So I keep to that theme. Plus another quote from somewhere, ‘give the reader credit to work out who is speaking.’ Once the initial opening is over between two people, it is unnecessary to keep on writing he said, she said.

I have learned by bitter experience to read and reread what I’ve written. Words will hide from you, reread and there it is; a major mistake hiding. Put it down, read again in a week and you will find more. Then finally, after all the corrections, you are ready to submit to a publisher.

Finding one is not easy, but persist, they do exist.
Roger Rapel is the author of Missing, which released in January 2016; Gift or CurseAbducted and Cindy Where Are You. His social media links are: 
Publisher: Ravenswood publishing

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