Friday, April 8, 2016

Writer, Know Thyself!

By Robin Gilbert Luftig 

On your mark, get set … but are you ready to go?

Ideas have bounced around in your mind for months. You have the perfect plot line for the genre you’re working in, but it’s time to lock it all in a file. You’ve poised your fingers above the keys of your laptop, ready to write the world’s next greatest novel. You’ve placed a pad of paper, pens, and highlighters on your right. On your left is a bottle of water and a cup of coffee, ready for whatever your literary fancy is at the moment. You’ve formatted your soon-to-be document and are ready to create, waiting for inspiration to wash over you.

Now what?

Not many situations are more intimidating for a new author than starting. Many writers barely get started when frustration takes over and ties them in knots. Soon they give up. How can you avoid this writer’s snare?

Be prepared. Before your fingers dance out a storyline, ask yourself a few questions.
1.      How well do you know your characters? Do they—the antagonist as was as the protagonist—have redeeming qualities? Readers want to be involved, but will only invest their time in books with good story lines. Even if they want to hate a character, they also want to love him.

2.      Do you have a chart to follow how your chapters unfold? Your story may not end up following the map, but it helps if you know how to get where you want to go. This will also help you when you’re preparing a proposal when the story’s ready for review.

3.      Have you researched your subjects? Nothing is more distracting than, for instance, reading a story where an Amish woman reapplies her makeup after a kiss. That would never happen! Make sure you have your facts straight.

Writing can be a bit daunting. But if you’re prepared if takes some of the sting out. Plan, know what you need to know and learn the rest along the way. You’ll enjoy the journey so much more if you do.
In 2009, Robin Gilbert Luftig Founded Renew Ministries, sharing with spiritually-and emotionally-broken men and woman that God has a plan for healing in their lives. She has experience with twelve-step groups and understands the guidance in trusting a higher power. She also participated and led Divorce Care support groups. Her book, From Pain to Peace:The Journey of Forgiveness After Divorce is available. Robin is currently working on Ten Days to Live: How God Used a Brain Tumor to Heal a Heart. This personal memoir tells of redemption and triumph over brokenness while dealing with what could have been paralyzing fear. Her story shows that there is no place so far from God that he cannot reach through and redeem a willing heart. Her social media links are: Robin Gilbert Luftig Twitter Facebook FB Page

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