April 13, 2016

The Writing Passion Within

By Adriana Girolami

It is believed that the all-consuming passion for writing might be a malady, which is highly contagious among aspiring and seasoned authors. In reality, it's a lifeline to all of us who find solace and infinite joy in expressing ourselves through the power of words. We are all world travelers through our imagination with no boundaries to our destinations. 

It has been suggested that writing is a lonely endeavor that isolates and disconnects us from other people. I find fault in that premise since the greatest satisfaction I experience is in entering my creative world of imagination. This predisposes me to more positive relationships with family and friends. 

As authors, we are very fortunate to be doing something we truly love, despite the difficult journey ahead to promote our books. The storylines we create are very precious to us. We spend endless hours on the computer to create our brainchild, which is treasured by us.  It is hard after much effort to confront harsh, at times unwarranted criticisms and even rejections.

The fear of failure can be paralyzing and even contributes in some degree to writer's block. Some even consider writing outside their area of expertise in an attempt to succeed at a more marketable genre.  I truly believe that this is a formula for failure, since your lack of passion and ability in the subject will be noticed. It is common knowledge that if you don't enjoy what you are writing about, no one will enjoy reading it.

There is a greater possibility for success in writing about subjects that resonate and excite you, and above all, ones that you are familiar with. When there is a quality product at hand, it will give you an added incentive to promote it, and there will be a greater possibility for success. 

On a personal note I would like to point out that as an author, the other shoe never drops. It's always the next thing. The contract date, the submission date, the redraft date, the publishing date, the sale figures, and what are you doing next. Makes sense at key points along the way to celebrate one's progress without regard for the eventual outcome. Get together with someone you love, whose company is positive, and share a glass of celebratory champagne. Through your passion for writing, you have created stories that you believe readers are going to want to inhabit. It might be filled with base emotions, such as fervor and lust. Still importantly, you remained above the fray in your authorial tone.  These are accomplishments worthy of celebration. Of course, there is much more to be done and many obstacles to surmount, but you should feel free and fully entitled to relish the fact that you have taken this imaginary world so far.

That all consuming passion for writing. The positive belief in your abilities and talents will remain your guiding light. All the disappointments and tribulations will become secondary to the satisfaction and distinction of being an author.
Adriana Girolami was born in Rome, Italy. Her creative, artistic nature was apparent as a child; she even delighted in drawing pictures on the pristine sands of Italy's coast line during beach outings. She immigrated with her family to the United States and later attended The Art Students League in New York City. Soon she embarked on a successful career as a portrait artist and illustrator, but always longed for the freedom of the written word. An avid reader, she favors distinguished, historical authors such as Sir Walter Scott and Adriana's personal favorite, Alexander Dumas.She wrote her debut novels, The Templar Trilogy containing Mysterious Templar, The Crimson Amulet and Templar's Redemption. Being a professional artist, she made the illustrations for the cover of the books. In her spare time she enjoys physical activities. Jogging faithfully, she plays racquet ball and has a black belt in Kenpo Karate. She loves to travel and visited many different countries throughout the world. This writer currently lives in Florida with her husband Raymond and their adorable cat, Padme. Her social media links are:

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