October 30, 2015

Staying True to You

By La-Tan Roland Murphy

Do you ever you find yourself feeling frustrated and confused with too many voices telling you what you should write about?  Perhaps, you feel overwhelmed—lacking motivation because of opinions expressed by well-intending folk, and by self-inflicted comparisons made?

Perhaps, you know without a doubt you are supposed to write and actually feel called to write. Still, the noise in your head hinders your ability to move forward powerfully and confidently on your writing journey, while remaining true to YOU!

The world of writing offers millions of writing voices, each writing voice created to draw-in every personality type of marketable readers. I want to encourage you that no one can write like you. No one in the whole world has lived your life, or experienced the things you have experienced.  

Today, as you approach your author’s workspace, square your shoulders and drink in a deep cleansing breathe. When you breathe-out imagine yourself letting-go of all temptations and all demanding comparisons. As you place your willing hands on the computer keyboard, remember—no one on the planet has your fingerprints. That’s how unique you truly are, dear friend. Because of this, no one on the planet can write like you!  Move forward. Write powerfully; write boldly!

Allow me the honor of sharing a few ideas that have helped my writing process: 
·         Passion - Write about things that you are passionate about. Otherwise, you will find yourself stuck for sure!
·         Authenticity - Express yourself authentically.  Do NOT try to be someone else, or write like someone else.  Authenticity is the best approach to writing, or speaking powerfully.   
·         Be TRUE TO YOU - This establishes credibility:  The most powerful books are written by people who keep their story-line true to themselves.  For example: If you grew up in Europe, you have much to say about European culture. If your book is about depression, credibility would prove most powerful as you share YOUR story, instead of scientific facts only.
·         Rest - In order to keep your thought processes flowing and moving in a productive direction, make sure to get plenty of rest the night before you begin an important writing venture.  A clear, alert mind is important! (Coffee always helps too, and a bit of chocolate!)
·         Research – Be sure to do your homework, after choosing your topic.  Topical writing requires time and research.
·         Relate – work hard at relating to your reader by drawing them into your story-line both intellectually and emotionally.

·         Voice – be diligent about finding your voice in both written and spoken word.
·         Attend writer’s conferences and writer’s workshops regularly. New roadways are being developed each and every day in the publishing industry.

Write! Write with passion! Write with purpose! 

Be true to YOU, friend!  Be true to YOU!
La-Tan Roland Murphy is a conference planter and Founder of:  Colors of His Love Women’s Conference, since 2010 and Expecting God Conference, since 2012. She has been a regularly featured columnist for the nationally recognized WHOA Women’s Magazine, since its inception in 2010.  La-Tan’s books:  Becoming A Woman of Interior Elegance and God’s Provision In Tough Times have been featured in Southern Writers Magazine.  Her articles have been published on Girlfriends in God Devotional, as well as Just 18 Summers and the American Daily Herald, Inspire a Fire. Her articles have been featured on Inside Edition La-Tan’s WHOA articles have been featured through WHOA women’s Magazine.Her co-authored book entitled: God’s Provision in Tough Times was awarded finalist for the 2014 Selah Award category. La-Tan teaches a writer’s workshops on topics such as:  Finding Your Voice and Establishing a Powerful Platform.  Using her creative abilities and love for others, she finds great joy in helping writers and speakers discover their book titles and platform themes. Website:

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