September 28, 2015

Rejection is not an Objection

By Maritza Martinez Mejía

It sounds weird, but rejection is my motivation. In April 2015 I submitted my books for reviews to minor and major websites. Two of the minor websites accepted my books and gave me a Five Stars Review. However, one major website rejected my Bilingual Children Books because I did not have a good Marketing Plan.  According to them, “It's extremely important to take advantage of a wide variety of marketing tools and opportunities so that your book can reach as many readers as possible. We've got some great resources that can help you…”  

Yes, they were generous to send me a full package of free information, but what is a Marketing Plan?

I took in consideration some of their tips and put them into action. By my surprise from zero sells during the month of April (according to Amazon Author Central), I jumped to 11 sales in three weeks. I realized if you do not have an agent, you have to create a Marketing Plan.

First thing first, probably the most effective way to reach readers is by building a strong web presence. To effectively market your self-published books, it is important to have a window to look at your books, accomplishments, reviews, awards, photos and any opportunity to make your books excel.

I created a plan for a simple website with the following tabs: mission, about me, reflections, books, poems, interviews and how to contact me. I asked for help in my family and the expertise in technology came to my rescue. I gave them the idea, they created options to study, and in one month my website was ready.

Second step is to use Social Media. I took a one day workshop in a local Community College and they agreed that being successful at social media means putting out great content and engaging with readers. I have to agree that if you send a message or comment and wait for a week without replied, it is not only rude, but also indicate your lack of participation with your fans. They are the readers who are going to buy your books. They are waiting for you to talk to them.

I dedicate myself an hour a day to reply, post updates about my books, reviews and add photos of events I participate to promote my titles. It is time consuming, but I jumped from 400 fans to 800 in one month.

Third step is to attend local Book Fairs, Writers Conferences, School Visits and any exposition available in your community to promote your books like Marketplace or Library events.

I booked myself into a local Family Reading Festival, speaker for Young Author Event in a local School and a Women Conference in a nearby County. The results were amazing; I sold out my supply of books I had in mind to sell for the entire year.

Fourth step is to promote your books with a Video, Podcast, Interviews or any audio material.

I worked hard to obtain and interview online and with the generosity of one of my readers, I had a Podcast. I am still waiting for an opportunity to have a video and audio material of my books. It is not an easy task, but with the availably of technology this will be my project for Fall 2015.

Enjoy your readings and have a Marketing Plan in your Things to Do. 
Maritza Martinez Mejia a bilingual substitute teacher born in Colombia lives in Florida with her husband and their two teenagers. For her active participation and service to the community, she is the recipient of the "Crystal Apple Award 2006." Maritza published her memoir "Hazel Eyes" (2010), "Vanilla and Chocolate" (2012), "Grandma's Treasure" (2014), and "Poems, Thoughts and More" (2015) by WRB Publishing. She won the FAU Treasure Coast Poetry Contest Spring 2010 and Virtue Christian Book Awards for Best Poetry 2015. Both Bilingual Children Books received a FIVE Stars Seal Review by Reader's Favorite. Maritza obtained a Bachelor's degree in Humanities with a Certificate in Women's Studies from Florida Atlantic University. She graduated from Universidad Mayor de Cundinamarca in Commerce and Foreign Language. She translated into Spanish "Temporary Permanence" by Yashi Nozawa, "The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid" by Janet Balletta, and "Hazel Eyes" as "Ojos Avellana." Maritza writes to inspire others to be better persons. "I write to inspire others to be a better person." Author page:  Website: 

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