September 14, 2015


By Leo Kane

DO YOU SUFFER THE AGONY OF WRITERS BLOCK?...COME CLOSER AND I WILL SHARE MY SECRET…Any writer who belongs to a Facebook author group cannot have failed to see how many poor souls cry into the heartless void of the internet:

I have lost my muse. I can't write today. I haven’t written for a week and I feel so guilty.

If this happens to you do not despair because it never happens to me. Am I arrogant or super human? No, well at least I don’t think so. I am an author of spooky, supernatural, psychological stuff and a clinical hypnotherapist. I would love to say that publishing a book gave me the secret key to dispel writer’s block but it is hypnotherapy that, as you cannot look into my eyes, qualifies me to whisper the following words of wisdom in your ear.

The stories we tell ourselves about our personal qualities, our value in the world and our abilities, every second of every day, become real in our child-like subconscious mind.

Your subconscious cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, waking and dream states, truth and lies because it is innocent.

The subconscious is the spring of inspiration, imagination and creation and the great news is - we all have one! The End.  Only kidding but if the rest of this page had been blank you would have believed me, after all, why would I lie to you or to myself?

Let’s think about lying and the mysterious writer’s block for a moment. Everyone puts conditions on success and happiness; for example, we tell ourselves that if we were richer, slimmer, in a relationship, out of one, had kids, kids went over seas and left us, older etc. then we would be successful and happy. These are the types of lies we tell ourselves to avoid living in the moment and they harm us terribly.

As writers, we go one-step further and inform our trusting, naive subconscious that if only our capricious Muse had not deserted us, we could write. Shame on us, this is another big fat fib. A Muse is a mythological goddess; ergo no one can possess one and what we can't possess we surely cannot lose. Unless, hang on, what if we are our own Muse? That might work!

All you need to write is to work with your own secret muse so: look in a mirror and
try not to feel silly then speak aloud and tell your subconscious, ‘Thank you for worrying about me but it is OK; we are going to write today and whenever we need to write we will help each other.’ Invite your subconscious to tell you a story and promise to write it down.
Write it down. Continue writing. Fall into your creation.

When you re-enter the conscious world first admire your new masterpiece then pack your old imaginary muse’s fantastical suitcase and kick it out the door. Next, please thank your subconscious muse. Finally do a celebratory jig and let me know how utterly fabulous you are so we can rejoice together.

You can message me for help, advice or general writer’s madness and a laugh at:
Born and raised in the Steel City of Sheffield, England; Leo Kane has spent a lot of her life day dreaming and can’t seem to outgrow the habit. Despite this she managed to raise a family of three wonderful girls, a tolerant husband and, recently, a crazy husky, somehow acquiring a career and a Master of Science degree along the way. Leo is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist with a fascination for the human condition. When she isn’t sending people into a trance, or bringing her daydreams to life on the page, Leo spends her time happily staring out of windows and using her husband as a guinea pig for experimental cookery, which he places in the horror genre. Heavensgate: Book 1 'Hope' is her book. Leo can be found at web page

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