September 25, 2015

Change of Heart Tips for Writers

By Molly Jebber

Frustrated? Let’s talk.

Are you experiencing writer’s block? Research keeps a story fresh and interesting. I’m not Amish, but I love writing Amish historical romance stories. The internet has a wealth of information. Visiting the Amish communities, I’ve been blessed with kind and gracious Amish people allowing me to interview them. Their language, lifestyle, traditions, devotion to God, and struggles give me ideas for stories.

Another challenge I face. I’m a city girl. I interview people who can educate me on country-style living. Senior adults have told me wonderful stories about their childhood, parents, and grandparents. I’m always learning something new. Interview a person relative to your genre. You’ll find this helpful.

Is marketing your book a daunting task? Set aside time in your day to contact bloggers for interviews. Research and ask to speak to meeting groups interested in your genre. Keep your website fresh with new information. Participate in social media and group signings. Write an article for a magazine. Advertise. Teach a class. Let your readers know they are important to you. Thank them for their support and encouragement. I’ve met wonderful people who have paved the way for me to speak and offered to promote me. Choose and find what works best for you.

Are you managing your time? Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals to achieve what you want to accomplish in your personal and writing life. Create a healthy balance.This is the most challenging for me. I don’t always meet my goals, and it’s very discouraging! But I jump back on track and start all over again. 

In addition to my family and friends, other authors have been generous and kind to offer advice and support. They and my agent even let me whine a little!
Molly’s book, Change of Heart is the first book in a keepsake pocket quilt series published by Kensington/Zebra for sale in print and ebook wherever books are sold. She received a near excellent review garnering a 4.5 star review from Romantic Times. She’s a featured inspirational speaker for women’s groups across the U.S., and she has been interviewed in many blogs, newspapers and magazines. Grace’s Forgiveness, the second book in the series is available for preorder. She’s writing the third book. Her Christmas story, The Amish Christmas Sleigh will be releases in September 29th, 2015 along with two other stories by Amy Lillard and Kelly Long. You can visit her website at to learn more about Molly and her books.

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