December 9, 2014

Some of the Blogging Rules May Be Changing

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief, Southern Writers Magazine

I was reading Salma Jafri’s post on Search Engine Watch dated August 13, 2014. All right, I am behind on my reading, but I’m trying to catch up!

She indicated that blogging is changing. In other words, some things that use to be rule of thumb may not be now. Salma went on to suggest we sit back and look at our own blogging. Things such as how often we blog and is it producing more followers? Is our content producing what we want?

We all know content is important and it’s what will draw people to want to read your blog. It needs to pertain to what their interests are.

Marie Smith who writes the newsletter The Social Scoop asked an interesting question. She said, “Do you provide regular invitations on your Social Media to come read your blog and join your email list and, of course, ultimately do business with you!

Think about it, if you want someone to come to your house to visit, don’t you have to extend an invitation to him or her? So then shouldn’t we be extending those invitations for people to visit our blogs, sign up on email lists and tell them about our book…offering ways to purchase our book?
With blogging, to keep up with what is changing, don’t we need to find out how often we have to post to gain followers. If it is only once a day instead of five then look at the time we can save and spend on our writing. We are now finding out that each blogger is different–just like people are different. I may have to blog three times to get the numbers that you get and you only have to blog once to get those numbers.

Try out your blog…see how many times you have to blog and how many followers you get on that number…eventually you will see a pattern. And be sure and extend invitations when you are on your Social Media for people to visit your blog and join your email list…and ask them to check out your book.

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