December 25, 2014

My Writer's Letter to Santa

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

The first thing I recall writing on my own was my Christmas letter to Santa. I chose the perfect Christmas green construction paper and a silver crayon. It began, "Dear Santa Claus," and I carefully indented my first paragraph. My printing was not perfect or straight on the unlined paper. I remember drawing a picture of Rudolph, my favorite reindeer because he was different. I remember decorating it with glued glitter, so much glitter. Of course, I wanted my letter to stand out from the crowds.What I asked for is not relevant but what is, it was the first thing I wrote on my own. 

How about you? Do you remember writing a letter to Santa as a child?

As the Amy Grant song says, Santa, "do you remember me?"

As a writer, my grownup letter to Santa would still involve glitter because I like much glitter. It would start as all letters to Santa start: Dear Santa: As you know, I'm a writer and the only thing I really want is the gift of 'child-like wonder.' Wonderment we create each year with festive decorations, light displays, special traditions, musical programs, culinary delights and just the excitement of the season of Christmas.

As children grow into adults, that magical quality seems to lessen as the realities of the world gain our attention. Recapturing the gift of wonder makes writing a joy where words flow freely. This transcends to a great book and an enjoyable read for your readers.

As a P.S. to my letter, I'd ask Santa for the gift of purpose for my writing. As the angel Clarence says to George Bailey in, It's a Wonderful Life, "Each man's life touches so many other lives, and when he isn't around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" I want my writing to be unforgettable and make a positive impact on my readers.

That's my writer's letter to Santa. What's on your grown up Christmas letter to Santa?

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