March 18, 2014

The Ripple Effect

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

Most of us have thrown a pebble in the water and watched as the ripples expanded across the water. We find examples of the ripple effect in the economy, societal, financial and even the computer world.

Is there a ripple effect with the books we write? Yes, two ways that come to mind are the ripple effect of the content of our writing and the marketing of our books.

In writing, people read our words we’ve written and those words touch that person as they read. Our book will affect them. Will it affect them in a good way or bad one? Will it make them feel good or bad? Will they enjoy it? Will they quit before they are through the book? Will they say good things about the book, or bad things? Will they encourage others to read the book or discourage them? Either way this will cause a ripple effect.

In marketing the book, the ripple effect applies. You tell one person, they tell another, and before long the ripples have extended farther than you can even see. Whether it takes a day, a month or a year, your book will be noticed if…people are told about the book. How is it done? By placing ads in radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. By word of mouth, asking your friends to read it and tell their friends about it. Using Social Media, contests, book signings. Promoting the book is necessary to get people to buy. You use everything at your disposal short of hiring sales-persons to go door to door. So eventually, you have the ripple effect.

The bigger the ripple the more books you sell. The bigger the ripple the more people read your words.

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