March 4, 2014

Authors and Advertising

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

I’ve talked to several authors and found that usually they all realize they need to advertise their books. But where? How Often?
Where? Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Movie Theaters, Internet, Facebook, Google, Twitter, the list can and does go on and on.
There was an ad on TV the other night, and my husband muted it. It hit me that he mutes just about every ad that comes on TV. I’m use to him doing this, so I usually don’t think much about it, however, for some reason it got me to thinking. How many people do the same thing-mute the ads?
So I made a list of the venues I do not like to see an ad on or hear ads. They are TV, Radio, and Movie Theaters. Why? Because when I am watching and listening to these venues, I am doing so to enjoy myself, to take a break from the day’s work. Not to be bombarded by people wanting to sell me something.
Companies that I buy on line from have their own ads, and that’s great. I am there to buy, or at least to look and see if they have what I want.
But the websites I visit to learn about the person-that is very different. If they have a lot of ads plastered all over their sites, I don’t linger, I leave. I don’t want to wade through all those things.
Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, I don’t pay any attention to those ads when I am on their sites. I am there to check my site…so I am not interested in whose advertising there.
I do pay attention to ads in Newspapers and Magazines. I not only pay attention, I read them. I want to see what they say. Here an ad has my attention. For magazines, they are going to stay around awhile. Why? Because I bought it. Plus, the magazine doesn’t interrupt me like on TV. I can read at my leisure.
I like magazines, they have articles that interest me and things I want to know about. Therefore, I am going to read it all. And because a product is in the magazine, I am much more likely to buy the product. Somehow, the magazine gives it credibility. I am sure experts could explain that much better than I could. One thing for sure I have control when I read it.
From the research I’ve done on these venues, it seems people are more influenced by magazines, more likely to try a product and let’s face it, you are going to read through or flip through many times before you throw it away. So you are going to see the ads enough times to make an impression on you to buy the product.

Even MPA Factbook said, “Twice as many people say they pay attention to advertising in magazines compared to websites or ad-supported TV.”
Maybe spending some of our ad dollars in magazines is a good idea. We might have a bigger pay off and a larger following.

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