February 28, 2014

Writer Optimism Prevails Through Physical Fitness

By Adriana Girolami

As dawn approaches, I find myself overwhelmed and excited about all the possibilities a new day can bring. There is much to do, and striking a balance between working and not working is truly challenging.  As an author I am used of multi-tasking.  Procrastination is not one of my problems. You have to be disciplined in order to be successful.

Physical fitness is very important to me. It clears my mind and helps my creativity. I could not sit in front of a laptop for hours without first getting some fresh air. I release some energy by jogging in my favorite park.  Any pitfall pales in the intrinsic satisfaction of being able to do something I love. It is wonderful to get up every morning and feel grateful. I am humbled by the ability of creating characters that people might love as much as I do.

I feel a bit discombobulated this morning. I look for my sneakers and one shoe is missing... Maybe my cute, little dog took it. I look under the bed, but no luck! The phone rings and a friend is calling. She is in a mood to talk and I hate to be rude. Time is wasting and I have much to do, like sitting in front of my computer and write the sequel to my novel. I gulp the remainder of my coffee while my friend continues rattling on. Mercifully she ends the conversation. Miraculously my other sneakers reappears. Maybe it was there all the time and in my rush I did not see it... Or perhaps my smart, adorable dog brought it back.

I have been a bit down and depressed since I lost my publisher who suddenly went out of business. I cried a lot and had difficulty writing for a few days. I felt my whole life as an author was crumbling, but it was only a temporary setback. My usual optimism prevailed and I returned to that great world of fantasy that is so much part of my life. I believe that difficulties makes us stronger, and having faith in yourself can help overcome great obstacles.

Finally I am ready to go out, however, there is a sudden urge to check my email. Strange, since I am not expecting anything of importance. I am late as it is. "You got mail!" is the usual message from AOL. There is an email from my agent with the great news that my book was purchased by a foreign publisher. It will be published in Japanese. Stunned by the wonderful, unexpected news, I started running all over the house screaming with joy. I am now an international author! I felt slightly mad, but grateful for the satisfaction of having all my efforts and dedication validated. Such a sweet moment after so much sorrow. I smiled brightly and went out jogging. 

Adriana was born in Rome, Italy, and immigrated to the United States with her family. She attended The Art Students League in New York City and embarked on a career as a portrait artist and illustrator. She is a lifelong lover of the written word and an avid reader, favoring distinguished historical authors such as Alessandro Manzoni, Sir Walter Scott, and her personal favorite, Alexander Dumas. She studied archeology with an affinity toward Egyptology and attended many lectures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. She loves to travels and discover exotic new places in the world. Adriana also enjoys physical activities, such as jogging, playing racquet ball. She is also a Martial Arts enthusiast and has a black belt in Kenpo karate. She wrote her first novel, the historical romance Revenge of the Knights Templar, remembering all those wonderful and exciting books that stimulated her imagination as a child. Her Social Media links are;  http://adrianagirolami,com/

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