February 4, 2014

Let Publishers and Agents Hear Your Voice

By Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief for Southern Writers Magazine

Every author dreams of having an opportunity to talk to editors and agents that can help them with their publishing goals. They want advice on how to build their author platforms and how to brand themselves.  Authors want those special insights publishing professionals can give them and authors want to know where publishing is heading in this digital age. Learning special marketing techniques is something else author’s need. The bottom line for all authors is learning how to build their sales…how to create buzz. Learning today’s methods puts authors a head above the crowd and boost their writing career.

Now authors don’t have to dream for that anymore! Today more than ever, there is an unprecedented gathering of publishing professionals representing broad ranges of publishing opportunities coming together in conferences all over the country. Writers attending these conferences are being given information to help them create a customized blueprint for their success. 
You can find large numbers of award winning authors coming together in communities and holding book signings where people in the city are invited to come and meet the authors as well as people from all over the state. People love to read and to be able to meet the author and especially buy their autographed book. This makes it special.

Writers want to hone their skills and by attending conferences, they have a chance to learn from successful authors about writing characters, dialogue, and weaving mystery into their work.  They’ll get a chance to learn the how-to of writing historical novels, backgrounds, and get firsthand knowledge about the publishing industry. In addition, they will learn plotting, overcoming obstacles and how to become an Amazon bestselling author.

In the workshops, writers will learn how to hit their targets and sell their books. They’ll learn how to be published, get tips on social media and branding. They will be offered critique sessions with published authors and get to have some of their work read. Publishers are looking, editors and agents are looking and you can meet them at conferences and workshops.

Choosing a conference is important. To choose one that will help you in the genre you work in is a plus. If you are a mystery writer or want to be one, there are great conferences on ‘murder and mayhem’. You want to be in your genres atmosphere. Meet the people associated with that genre. Who knows, even Hemingway might rub off on you. For sure, you will learn a lot from guest authors and speakers.

Attending conferences and events are part of the business of being a writer. They hold numerous opportunities for writers such as meeting publishers, editors and agents up close not to mention other writers. You have opportunities not only to hear them speak and give advice but for them to see your work…hear your voice style.

Every opportunity an author has to attend conferences and events helps get them closer to succeeding in their writing career. 

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