Friday, February 10, 2012

What I Learned About Twitter From Mickey Mouse

by Shannon Milholland

Hello there Mousketeers! I bring you greetings from the Kingdom Magic built. Number two of my four daughters is competing at Disney World this weekend in a national and then international cheer competition. I get to tag along, see my favorite mouse and interview Mickey about how to use Social Media effectively.

Since his voice is so irritating, it's a good thing this is written. Here's what he has to say...

Shannon: Why do you think some people's tweets are read and others aren't?

Mickey: Well, Shannon, it's like I always tell Minnie, "It's a new day!" Some people tweet the same thing over and over - about their book, their web page or whatever. That's boring. Here at Disney we create new attractions every year because people return when there's something new to see. People who have something new to say, get more loyal followers.

Shannon: If you could give our readers one piece of advice, what would it be?

Mickey: Exceed their expectations. Have you ever seen someone approach Cinderella's castle for the first time? They gasp, shriek, grin or squeal but there is definitely a reaction. We fashioned her castle after the Neuschwanstein castle in Germany because we wanted to deliver more than the public would expect from a theme park. Do the same with Social Media - exceed expectations.

Shannon: I know it's almost time for the park to open so I'll let you go soon but just one more question. What is the most magical component of Disney World?

Mickey: That's easy. It's our staff. Their friendliness, willingness to serve and commitment to excellence keep families returning here again and again to make memories. If you are friendly, willing to serve and have a commitment to excellence you'll get plenty of repeat customers too.

Shannon: Thanks, Mickey, for spending some time with our readers today.

As Mickey would say...Have a magical day!