February 27, 2012

An Author NEADS to Make Decisions

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

We continue to share Tom Hopkins’ NEADS acronym found in his book LowProfile Selling, Act like a Lamb…Sell like a Lion, let’s return to the short explanation of the letters.


We have addressed the first three letters and this week the fourth, D for Decision.  Who makes the DECISION?

In marketing we must find what the customers’ current situation is, what they like about it and what they would change. We then must determine who will be making the decision to change.

When selling to a couple we never ask who wears the pants in the family. We do ask if we are unable to meet with both parties which one would we need to be certain to meet with. Their answer will tell us who the decision maker is. When dealing with a company we must ask who in the company will be making the decision. Failing to determine the decision maker can have us spending valuable time working with the wrong person. Know who the decision maker is.        

The same is true in life. Ask yourself who is making the decisions that are important to you? Is it you? Do you seek advice from trusted sources when making an important decision? Do you go with your gut, heart or head? Are you collaborating on a project and must consult with a partner or partners?

If we are truthful with ourselves we will realize only the most simple of decisions are made entirely on our own. The majority of decisions we make are done so with the help of others. If you are one that is fortunate enough to have those trusted souls you can go to for assistance please do so. Their input may give new insight and direction.

Prepare yourself as we move into the final step of the NEADS acronym. Have an honest evaluation of where you are NOW. Determine what you ENJOY about your current position. Determine what you don’t like about your current position and would CHANGE. Who will be involved in making the DECISION to change and move ahead? The next posting will be the letter S. What is the SOLUTION!

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