February 6, 2012

What an Author NEADS

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

Tom Hopkins wrote a fantastic sales book called Low Profile Selling, Act like a Lamb…Sell like a Lion. In that book he presents a sales tool which I found very helpful. I have used it not only in sales but in many situations I have come across in life as a problem solving tool. Over the next few blog entries I want to share it with you. First let’s look at Tom’s acronym NEADS.

In sales it is important to evaluate the current situation. The current situation is where you are now. So the first letter N is for NOW. What do you have now or where are you now? You must know what you have or where you are at this point before we can move forward to where we want to be. Just as your GPS must know your current position and your desired destination before giving you a route, we must do the same.

In life we also must evaluate where we are now. Take any current situation and ask yourself, ”Where am I now?” George Bernard Shaw once said, "The only man who behaves sensibly is my tailor he takes my measure anew every time he sees me, whilst all the rest go on with their old measurements, and expect them to fit me." Like George’s tailor we must stop and take measure of ourselves, our growth, our direction and our abilities. We must evaluate our current position before we move forward.

Take some time to sit quietly and look over your current position. Be very honest with yourself and evaluate if you are where you want to be, need to be or had hoped to be at this point. Once you have done so we will take the next step. To help you see what may lay ahead here are the remaining letters in Tom’s acronym. Look them over and if you like you may want to visit the video website below*.


Prepare yourself for the remaining steps by having a current and honest evaluation ready and in front of you for the next letter, E. Our next post will be about what you enjoy!

*Click the word "Video" to view

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