February 7, 2012

Love Delivered

In honor of the month of love, Creative Director, Gary Fearon, is pleased to welcome the delightful romance author, Katie Ganshert.

I’m a sucker for romance. I’m in love with love.

Not only do I enjoy writing and reading it, I enjoy watching it too. Given the choice, I will pick a romantic movie every single time. It drives my hubby crazy, especially when he’s in the mood to watch things blow up.

I can’t help myself.

Fictional romance is great.

But you know what’s even greater?

The real stuff.

The stories that aren’t made up. Which is why I love asking couples how they met. I love seeing them smile at one another as they recount their story. And I love sharing my own.

Because it brings me back to the beginning. And it’s not every day a girl gets to marry her crush.

Nine years ago, I was a receptionist for a real-estate firm. And there was this guy. This really, really cute guy. He didn’t work at the real-estate firm. But he came in most mornings to deliver packages. Every time I saw him, he made my stomach all kinds of fluttery. 

We’d exchange friendly hello’s. I’d sign for the package. He’d leave. And I’d fan my face, quite certain he didn’t know I existed.

Until one particular day. It was around lunch time, so I was walking out of the office when this cute delivery guy was walking in. I smiled and expected him to go inside, only instead, he did an about face, walked with me to the elevator, and asked me out.

What was my suave reply?

“Do you even know my name?”

I forgot that I signed for the packages each day. Of course he knew my name. I also forgot that my signature is horrid. So when he said, “Yeah. Your name is Kate” I thought, “Close enough!” Even though nobody had ever called me Kate. I had always been Katie.

I wrote my name (Kate) on a gum wrapper, along with my number.

The next night, he called. We set up a date. And I discovered he is just as wonderful on the inside as he is on the outside.

Nine years later, he still has the gum wrapper. And he still calls me Kate.

I have to admit, every time I write a hero in my novels, they tend to reflect bits and pieces of my real-life love. My cute delivery guy-turned-husband.

Katie Ganshert is a slightly-frazzled, ever-inquisitive Midwest gal who’s passionate about Jesus, her family, writing, and all things romance. Her new novel WILDFLOWERS FROM WINTER is available for pre-order. When Katie’s not plotting ways to get her hero and heroine to fall in love, she enjoys watching movies with her real-life hero, playing make-believe with her wild-child of a son, hanging out with the crazy but lovable junior high students at her church, and chatting with her girlfriends over bagels and coffee. 

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