February 13, 2012

What an Author NEADS is a HOT BUTTON

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

As we continue to share Tom Hopkins’ NEADS acronym found in his book LowProfile Selling, Act like a Lamb…Sell like a Lion, let’s return to the short explanation of the letters.


I have used it not only as the fantastic sales tool Tom intended it to be, but as a problem solving tool as well. Last week’s blog addressed the first letter N which is for NOW. We used this step to establish where we are. This week we continue with the second letter E which is for ENJOY. We will discover what we enjoy.

In marketing we must find what the customers’ current situation is and then what they like about it. What is it they like, enjoy or are excited about? We want to know this to be sure our product has that feature either as a basic part or an option that can be included. This is one of the easier tasks of marketing when you ask someone, “Tell me what you enjoy most about your current product?” Usually they will light up and can’t wait to tell you all the reasons why they love this thing you are discussing. In sales we call this their “Hot Button”. This is why they buy. The best part is they have told you this is why they buy so you aren’t left guessing. We look for what they enjoy and sell to that.

We too must ask ourselves what we enjoy about where we are and what we are doing now. Tom Peters said, Celebrate what you want to see more of.” What has excited us, what has us looking for more? Celebrate what you have found to be exciting and enjoyable and look for more of it. Is your “Hot Button” getting published, blogging or book signings? Maybe it is helping others move forward with their writing? Know what your “Hot Button” is and pursue it. Don’t settle for less. Place yourself in a position to enjoy, be excited and celebrate! The excitement feeds the journey.

As we continue to move into the remaining steps, prepare yourself by having a current and honest evaluation of where you are now and what you are enjoying about where you are now. The next letter is A. Our next post will be about what you would Change!

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