January 11, 2012

YOU are Creative

by Susan Reichert, Editor-in-Chief

Sometimes you will hear people say "I am not creative". What they associate with being creative is painting, drawing and writing. However, being creative is much more than that. Being creative is finding another way to do something. You can be creative in anything you do.

Everyone has creativity; however, some people don’t realize it and some just don’t use it.

For authors it takes more than creativity to write a book. It takes imagination. We loosen the reins on our imaginations. We take the limits off and allow ourselves to explore all the ideas and thoughts that enter into our minds.

The funny thing about imagination is anyone can use it in any occupation. They just have to recognize it and harness it.

As authors, let's make sure we take these two primary brain functions and use them to soar through worlds yet explored. Our destination waits.

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