January 25, 2012

Beyond the Bubble

Today our Editor-in-Chief shares her Wisdom Wednesday column with Managing Editor, Doyne Phillips. Welcome to Wednesdays, Doyne!

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

Whale watching has always been an attraction for us when we travel. We have taken boats out of Boston, Hawaii and Vancouver and seen whales. We are always amazed at the size and agility of these great creatures.

One of the things about the whales that fascinated me is how they work together to feed off the schools of fish. The pod will circle the school of fish from below letting out bubbles which form a wall around the school. To the fish this appears as an obstruction which they cannot swim through. While the fish are trapped within the wall of bubbles the whales will dive and from below rise to the surface with their mouths wide open catching all the fish they can. It is site of wonderment.

The fish are confused and trapped by an illusion which brings about their demise. The reality is the fish could at any time swim through the bubbles but don’t. Though the obstruction is not real, it is real enough in their minds to hold them in harm's way.   

Each of us has our wall of bubbles. We may feel trapped by an obstruction which is an illusion. Many times this illusion will freeze us in our tracks leaving us in a place where we cannot progress; leaving us not necessarily in harm’s way but in an unproductive state of mind.

What is the wall of bubbles before you? What is holding you back? Take a closer look and know that it could be an illusion. It could be something you can get through. If you don’t determine this now you may later find you had before you an opportunity and not an obstruction. Don’t fear the bubbles. Life's best lies beyond the bubble. 

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