January 6, 2012

What I Learned From Fred Flintstone About Social Media

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

I'm not sure if it was his ability to consume a whole rack of brontosaurus ribs or his effusing ways but I was a big Fred Flintstone fan growing up. I would plan my week around when the little stone television would appear on mine. I even considered the name Bam Bam for a son (no wonder I was only given daughters.)

Now you might think of Fred as dense and surly with a negligible emotional IQ but I think he has a thing or two to teach about social media. Here are his lessons:

  1. Sometimes you need a little foot power.  Fred maneuvered his car all over town and didn't let the fact he had to use his feet deter his progress. Social Media is all about using your feet. It takes time to walk on the streets of Facebook or stroll about Twitter. You might even get a few callouses on your feet because you have to invest time to implement a legitimate social media strategy.
  2. Sometimes you need help from your fellow Water Buffaloes. Fred and Barney would slip away from the girls at regular intervals to attend those oh-so-important water buffalo meetings. Sometimes there would be a coup, a contest or a controversy among the brothers but in the end the Water Buffaloes stuck together no matter what. Every person utilizing social media needs a band of water buffalo brothers or sisters. You need people on social giving the buffalo call on your behalf and telling others how great you are. Assemble a group around you and watch your social media effectiveness increase (water buffalo hats optional.)
  3. Sometimes you need to go to the quarry. Day in, day out Fred and Barney faithfully returned to their jobs at the quarry. The work wasn't glamorous. They got few accolades but through consistency they made a living. This same principle is needed in your approach to social media. Visit Facebook, Google+, Twitter and your other social media sites every day. We need to faithfully return day after day to reap the long-term benefit.
If Fred Flintstone can do it, all of us can be successful in social media. So open up your closet, let that bowling ball drop down on your head and be grateful we don't have to use a stone tablet to write our next blog post.

The quarry bird is calling quitin' time so Yabba Dabba Doo to all of you. I'm off to foot pedal my way to a successful social media presence. Won't you join me at the quarry or in the water buffalo lodge?

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