January 20, 2012

5 Reasons Southern Writers is Your Best Investment

by Shannon Milholland, Social Media Director

As the calendar turned from 2011, I debated where I would spend my money in 2012. I could spend hundreds or even thousands attending just one writing conference. Hundreds would be required to acquire professional editing services. Another available option was to employ a writing coach, a significant investment.

One of the many reasons I am proud to be a part of the Southern Writers team is because our magazine offers a writer the opportunity invest in their future at a minimal cost. With an annual online subscription as low as $29.99 and a print option available for just $49.99, Southern Writers is a bargain.

There are five reasons every writer needs to invest in an annual subscription to Southern Writers:

1) We provide step by step instructions on all aspects of becoming a successful author.

2) We help you build name recognition.

3) We teach you how to be noticed by agents and publishers.

4) We provide the voracity of a writer's conference at a fraction of the cost.

5) We train you how to sell books.

If you haven't subscribed yet, take a moment and give yourself the best New Year's present possible - a bright future lit with success.

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