January 12, 2012

Falling Down the Stairs to Success?

by Sandy Stevener

Yesterday I fell down some stairs. For those who know me this does not surprise you. When my husband asked me what happened I said “I really don’t know. One minute I was taking a step the next I was sprawled on the floor covered in coffee.” 

I got to thinking that sometimes life is like that: I find myself in an unusual place, physically, emotionally, spiritually or metaphorically, and ask myself What happened?  I really can’t remember.

It has been even more apparent since I let God direct my steps. With the exception of the stairs, I’m pretty sure that was just my clumsiness; or maybe He was trying to tell me to slow down and pay attention. Either way, when He’s in charge, life becomes a great adventure.  Stepping out in faith and finding yourself in places you never dreamed of being.

The fact that we are missionaries is one of those How the heck did I end up here? occasions. We were just coasting along in life when the Lord stepped in and drastically changed our direction.  I still look back at times and think Wow, how did that happen?

As an aspiring writer I can imagine myself sitting at a table, poised to autograph my debut fiction novel. There will be a long line of admiring fans waiting. I will gaze out into the crowd and think How the heck did I get here? I’ll think that because often when we reach some of these special moments the wonder seems to drown out all the pain and heartache that was required get here. Or maybe we block it out because it’s too painful to remember, like all those rejection letters.

When I asked myself What can I learn from this? my answer was to enjoy the moments I have, keep plugging along the path where I think He is directing me, and be prepared for an adventure.  Because you never know what is just around the corner...or at the bottom of the stairs.

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