January 16, 2012

Face It: Your Book Needs Facebook

by Doyne Phillips, Managing Editor

It has been said Facebook now has over 800 Million followers. Although most of us are familiar with Facebook, I doubt any of us fully realize what a force it is today. This week Steve Harrison reposted an article from his paid printed newsletter Book Marketing Update. His newsletter is available to the members of his Million Dollar Author Club which you find out more about at his website.

Harrison revisited his article and some of his stronger points. He recommends the use of Facebook and its tools to add Friends. The prompts Facebook gives you for Friends are based on your profile. Be sure your profile is updated to reach the people that would be interested in your book. But he feels you shouldn’t add friends or join groups blindly. Harrison states it is good to have a lot of Facebook friends but they should be quality Facebook friends. 

Harrison also recommends you join groups that have shared interest in your book’s topics. If you have written about pets, join a group that has an interest in pets. These groups can be found by simply entering a subject like pets then click on the Groups tab of the results page.

Harrison tells us not to be a broken record. None of us like friends that do nothing but ask us to buy something. Your every status update should not be asking for someone to buy something. If this is done people will quickly learn to ignore you or even unfriend you. Share something of value in your post like new ideas, interesting websites, commentaries, downloads and discounts. Be interesting.

In light of Harrison’s article being a repost I feel we should add the obvious. Facebook changes made within recent months. The new setup for groups, timeline and other changes can be confusing and may cause us to miss an opportunity to share important information with friends. Take the time to understand the new format and take advantage of all the additional tools. Facebook is indeed a great tool and the price is right. Put it to good use and share with us how you are using it.  

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