December 29, 2022

Three Days Left?

Time is running out for 2022.

As of today

 we have three days left

 in 2022.

 Feelings of sadness and nostalgia

accompany saying goodby.

A new year is dawning

 filled with optimism and hope.

Perhaps counting down to the New Year

in some way slows the time down.

Bringing to our remembrance

the good and the bad in 2022.

To be sure some created fear

but many are of love and joy.

Through God's grace

we will recall love we received

and love we gave.

As we gather our thoughts of 2022

may we learn from our mistakes

and remember what is important.

Let us leave the hurt and pain behind.

Above all remember a New Year

is about to befall

full of opportunities and love

for one and all.

1 comment:

  1. I love this phrase, "Through God's grace, we will recall the love we received and love we gave." it is meaningful, and I love to make an idea for my forthcoming books for spiritual growth and guidance. Thank you so much for your phrases; now I got some excellent views.