December 8, 2022

If The Enemy Came!

F.D. Adkins

F. D. Adkins ask the question:

If the enemy came to lay his claim, would you bear the seal of the Holiest Name?

Do you like action-packed Christian Suspense with a dose of dystopia, explosions, and twists and turns you can’t see coming?

Here is an excerpt of F. D. Adkins new book, Truth in the Word: A Political Thriller.

After escaping from President Dennis Denali’s facility and stopping his evil plot to create a world with no knowledge of God, Ellie Hatcher is finally living the life of her dreams—married to Steve, reunited with her sister, Eileen, and starting a new job with the FBI.

But when outbreaks of violence across the country start claiming innocent lives, and authorities discover that the perpetrators all have one thing in common—they were all victims of President Denali’s training facility—Ellie must break the peace and calm of her new life. An executive order is issued, and everyone who was held at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex must return to those same grounds for testing.

As Ellie’s perfect life plummets, her hopes of a quick return home are shattered when she realizes that her return to the facility may have nothing to do with saving innocent lives…

Searching for the truth in a mountain of lies and deception, Ellie, Steve, and Eileen must come to terms with the fact that their reunion might be signaling another assignment from God.

Check out this video:

F. D. Adkins is a Christian fiction author and freelance writer. Her hope is to pass along the comfort that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus while offering her readers a brief escape from life's struggles through an action-packed story full of suspense, twists, turns, love, and a few laughs. In other words, her passion is sharing her faith through fiction.

She has been married to the man of her dreams and her best friend for 23 years. She loves spending time with her family, reading, writing, and always enjoys a good cup of coffee. She also has a soft spot in her heart for all animals, especially dogs.

She lives in South Carolina with her husband, Steve, and their two teenage children, Landon and Layna, and their dog, Lucy. She posts stories of faith and devotions weekly on her blog. SIgn up for her newsletter and follow her blog at

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  1. Truth in the Word is the 2nd book in the Truth Series. It is wonderfully written with so many cliffhangers keeping you on the edge of your seat all of the time. Fantastic read!!