December 22, 2022

Find the Joy, Warmth and Spirit of the Season

Marianne Richmond

"Okay," said Little Bird. "But where do we find Christmas?"

She had looked in a lot of places, and she was tired.

"In your own heart," said Mama. "In my heart. In all the grateful, giving hearts. It's our thank-you to God for His gift to love us."

An adorably sweet new Christmas story from a bestselling author whose books have become family classics, Little Bird Finds Christmas is a delightful journey of finding the joy, warmth, and spirit of the season wherever you are—in your heart.

A delightful holiday book from beloved author Marianne Richmond, Little Bird Finds Christmas reminds us all of what's really important during the holidays.

Bestselling author Marianne Richmond has touched the lives of millions over the past two decades through her delightful picture books that give voice to the heart and help you connect with the people you love.

For 16 years, Marianne ran her own publishing company, winding down in 2010 to make way for a partnership with Sourcebooks, Inc., one of the leading and largest independent publishers in North America. Since then, she has traveled the country, reading to and speaking with thousands of children about celebrating their own voice and stories. Though Publisher’s Weekly calls her “an author on the rise,” Richmond's favorite letter is from an elementary school teacher who said, “I feel like a better me after reading your books.”

Marianne lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, four kids, and one beloved dog, Otis.

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