December 26, 2022

Telling Others What They Mean to Us

Christmas 2022 is soon going to be over. Beginning today, the 26th, there are five days until the end of 2022. Hopefully, we can look back at the year and find blessings we received. We have five days to look back at the year.

I hope everyone has had joys and blessings in 2022 that will present wonderful memories.

For me, I am most thankful for my family. They are my greatest blessing.

To my friends, I love all of you and am grateful to have you in my life. 

I am convinced we should be sure and tell our family and friends throughout the year how special they are and what they mean to us. Telling them is wonderful, but we want to be sure we show them too.

For Suite T, we are most grateful to the authors who share their stories with us throughout the year. Learning more about them as a person and as a writer endears them in our hearts.

So, as we look back over the year, let us give some thought to the books we've read. For those we enjoyed, I pray we will take a few minutes, and let the author know what their book meant to us.

This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to an author. We can do so by putting a review on their author page and also find their website/blog and let them know.

The one thing we each can do is let others know what they mean to us. This will be a blessing for them as well as us throughout the year.

So, to all our readers and authors, we want to tell you how much you mean to us. We pray for you to be blessed and joyful now and next year, too.

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