August 26, 2022

Delighting All Children

Matthew Paul Turner
I Am God's Dream

A beautiful celebration of the unique, strong traits that every child has—and how God adores and delights in all of our strengths and quirks—from the bestselling author of When God Made You.

I Am God’s Dream is a deeply encouraging exploration of the unique strengths, curiosities, and desires in every kid. In this deeply affirming picture book, children will see how God celebrates and adores each of us—and why we should be proud to be who we are. Kids of all faith traditions will receive in these pages the gift of empowerment, purpose, and ownership over their own faith perspective early on through Matthew Paul Turner’s lyrical phrasing:

I’m strong and I’m brave
I’m a one-kid parade
I’m gonna be who I am ’cause I’m wonderfully made

In I Am God’s Dream, kids will discover: 

  • The truth that God loves us deeply, and delights in who we are
  • The unique strengths and traits that make up our lives
  • The beautiful richness in diversity

Parents and children alike will be encouraged in these vivid and empowering pages.

A book to delight all children and parents. Written by Matthew Paul Turner. 

Matthew Paul Turner is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller What Is God Like? as well as When God Made You and When I Pray for You. When the father of three isn’t writing books, he’s photographing interesting people and places, practicing wood carving, and watching his children play soccer.

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