March 14, 2022

Master of Suspense

Lynette Eason

Lynette Eason is considered a Master of Suspense. Her books are truly riveting. Her books have power to grab our attention and keep us in the palm of her hand through the entire book. I am always sorry when I finish reading the book. I just want it to continue.

Here are some words of praise for her previous novels:

Eason remains a force in action-packed inspirational fiction with

this excellently paced, heartening tale.”

—Publishers Weekly, on Collateral Damage

“[Lynette Eason] will take you on a rocket ride with snappy

dialogue, where the good guys win and the bad guys get what’s

coming to them. As a reader of Lynette’s work, you get the sense

that God is active in the world and wants to see justice done.”

—Library Journal, on Acceptable Risk

“Eason is a master of inspirational romantic suspense, and she takes

readers on another wild ride in her latest entry in the Danger Never

Sleeps series.”

—Booklist, on Active Defense

In January she released Life Flight (Extreme Measures Book #1). "A heart-stopping, breath-stealing masterpiece of romantic suspense!"-- Colleen Coble, USA Today bestselling author.

Truly another high-octane tale of close calls, narrow escapes, and the fight to bring a nefarious criminal to justice.

Eason has definitely reached new heights of intrigue and suspense.

Here is a description:

EMS helicopter pilot Penny Carlton is used to high stress situations, but being forced to land on a mountain in a raging storm with a critical patient--and a serial killer on the loose--tests her skills and her nerve to the limit. She survives with FBI Special Agent Holt Satterfield's help. But she's not out of the woods yet.

In the ensuing days, Penny finds herself under attack. And when news reaches Holt that he may not have gotten his man after all, it will take all he and Penny have to catch a killer--before he catches one of them.

I was hooked after reading the first page all the way through.

Look for her new book CROSSFIRE in August, 2022.

Lynette Eason is the bestselling author of Life Flight and the Danger Never Sleeps, Blue Justice, Women of Justice, Deadly Reunions, Hidden Identity, and Elite Guardians series. She is the winner of three ACFW Carol Awards, the Selah Award, and the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award, among others. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and has a master’s degree in education from Converse College. Eason lives in South Carolina with her husband and two children. Learn more at

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  1. I love Lynette's books!! And she is truly a master storyteller!

  2. I so agree Patricia. I too enjoy reading her books.

  3. I am so looking forward to reading "Life Flight."