Monday, March 7, 2022

Meet Ava Miles


Meet Ava Miles

Millions of readers have discovered International Bestselling Author Ava Miles and her powerful fiction and non-fiction books about love, happiness, and transformation. Her novels have received praise and accolades from USA Today, Publisher's Weekly, and Women's World Magazine in addition to being chosen as Best Books of the Year and Top Editor's picks. However, Ava's strongest praise comes directly from her readers, who call her books life changing.

Ava combines her real-life experiences and passions into her books. In her former career rebuilding warzones, she worked in places like Lebanon, Colombia, and Congo to foster peaceful and prosperous communities. As an artist and former chef, she invites others to celebrate human expression and feed their souls. As a life coach, wellness expert, and energy healer, she helps people transform their lives. And as part of her focus on healing and wellness, she formulates natural products designed to enhance everyone’s radiant beauty and health.

The desire to help people on more than a one-on-one basis led Ava to expand her reach through books. Still, everything she shares is inviting and intimate. Ava’s readers often mention feeling connected to a greater community, and in some cases, infinite love, inspiring them to believe in the impossible and live their best life.

Her newest book, Through Crimson Irish Light, (The Unexpected Prince Charming Series Book 3) releases March 14, 2022.

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