Monday, March 28, 2022

Hawthorne Said It Best If We Listen!


Happiness! Now there is a word. So many people think they know what happiness is. They always seem to think it is on the outside, and like Hawthorne said, they chase the happiness just like kids chase a butterfly. But like the kids, we cannot catch happiness.

Happiness is a feeling of contentment.  Pharrell Williams in Happy says:

So can we trust our feelings? Maybe. 

For writers. maybe happyiness is putting those words that run around in our head to paper. For a gardener happiness may be putting  seeds into the ground and nurturing with food and water and see the flowers pop through the soil and grow tall.  For parents, it is holding their precious baby at birth.  

And George Savige imparts his thoughts on happiness to us in his poem Happiness.

So if Hawthorne is right, and we quit chasing happiness, and sit down and be quiet, will it alight on us?