June 9, 2021

The Best Laid Plans…

Patricia Bradley

Well, it’s time to see how my plans worked out since my February post. At that time, it was almost the end of February, and I had set what I thought were reachable goals. Let’s see how that turned out:

February 28, 2021, I had 18,000 words. That was 2K less than I’d hoped for, but not bad. After that it was all downhill, and I don’t mean in a good way. My daughter contracted Covid 19 which threw me for a loop. She is almost 800 miles away, but fortunately she had a mild case. Unfortunately, just as she was getting ready to go back to work, she developed Covid pneumonia. Since February 26th she has been in and out of the hospital four times, the last stay lasting almost three weeks. I flew down there for eight days.

It’s amazing to me that there are writers who can write under any circumstance. I am not one of them. By the time I got my head back into the book and had 45,000 words written, guess what? Edits for Crosshairs, the third book in the Natchez Trace Park Rangers arrived. And it was a hot mess!

Three weeks later, I turned in the edits and have now started on the fourth book once more…but guess what again? As I write this, it’s the middle of May and there is no way I can meet my June 1 deadline. My agent contacted my editor and explained the situation and she graciously gave me until July 1. That means I need to write 2000 words five days a week to meet a deadline that gives me enough time to polish the manuscript. No goofing off when I’m supposed to be writing. And NO ONE can have an emergency—I don’t have time for it. (You’re supposed to grin here.)

One thing I know—God called me to do this writing gig, and he will enable me to meet my deadline.

I’ll keep you posted when I turn the manuscript it!



Patricia Bradley is a Carol finalist and winner of an Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in Suspense, and three anthologies that included her stories debuted on the USA Today Best Seller List. She and her two cats call Northeast Mississippi home--the South is also where she sets most of her books. Her romantic suspense novels include the Logan Point series and the Memphis Cold Case Novels. Obsession, the second book in the Natchez Trace Park Rangers series, released February 2, 2021. She is now hard at work on the third book and fourth book, Crosshairs and Deception.



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  1. I forgot to mention that Obsession and Standoff are both on sale! Standoff for $1.99 and Obsession for $2.99. You can find buy links here:

  2. So sorry to hear about your daughter's illness, Patricia. I admire your tenacity under so much pressure. I'm looking forward to reading the books.

    1. Thanks, Kay! I wish I could've gone to Blue Ridge and could've met you!!

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