June 18, 2021

Fun Friday with Color on Books

 Okay! Let's talk color on the covers of books.

What is the first color on which book that draws your eye first?

Why does it draw your eyes to it?

What is the second color?

Why was your eye not drawn to this one first?

And what is the third?

Do you think the third color should have been a different color?

What do you think? Remember, colors draw our attention.


  1. The green on the dragon...then the red on the Today I Am Mad...then the purple on on the first one and then it'd be a toss up. This was fun.

  2. The green book pops out at me. I think it's because it isn't a color we see often on books, so it stands out. The one that stands out the least is the purple book; however, the colors on that book reflect serenity and rest associated with bedtime.