May 21, 2021

Fun Friday ~Titles and Covers for Cozy Mysteries


We all know how important choosing the right title and cover is for our books. 

What do we want to convey on our covers?

The cover communicates what the book is about. Title and graphics and color are the most important things to draw the reader to your book.

With that in mind, check out these cozy books. Do the graphics, title and color work together to draw the reader?


  1. Another great set of covers! Generally, I prefer covers that are simple with large images. Therefore, I'd go with "Love Notes in the Key of Sea." (Don't understand what the cat has to do with it, but I still like the cover.)

  2. That is so funny--I was wondering just this week what Amy Lillard is up to and now I see she's writing cozy mysteries! So glad you had her cover up. And of course, that's my favorite. lol Actually I like them all--I'm a sucker for a cozy mystery.

    1. I too love cozy mysteries Patricia. I like the covers the authors who write cozy mysteries choose.