May 7, 2021

Fun Friday ~ Covers and Titles

Which of these covers would draw your attention first?

Which of these titles would draw your attention first?

Based on the description, which book would you choose?




  1. "When I Feel Anxious" got my attention because of the large picture and lettering. It would be a good book for a child who is experiencing anxiety. However, "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" is such a positive sounding book. That would be my first choice.

  2. Mine too Kay. I think the more positive reinforcement we can give children from the cradle up the more confident and secure they are as
    older children. Thanks for participating.

  3. I love cover of "The Wonderful Things You Will Be" and would probably choose that one. Also like the one with the giraffe on it!

  4. Thank you Patricia. I love that cover too. The giraffe is definitely cute!

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