November 21, 2019

Giving a Unique Gift to Your Thanksgiving Guests

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

In a week, most families in America will gather with their friends and family to enjoy time together over  traditions both new/old and a bevy of food. My idea is to use your talents and write a story to share with your guests. Print a copy for each guest to take home. You could wrap it up as a take home goodie bag for each guest. 

Ideas for stories abound. Y’all are authors and creative. Here are a few suggestions for stories:

-Write out your Thanksgiving recipes and share the stories as to how the dishes became part of this Thanksgiving menu. 

-Write a Thanksgiving memory you share with each guest. You might want to enclose pictures. It could be a family Thanksgiving memory that perhaps younger members gathered may not know and will remember. 

-Write a prayer of Thanksgiving and list uplifting Scriptures about blessings and gratitude. You can print a copy and give it to each of your guests. 

In researching this blog, I came across a Spoon University article by Melissa Fisch at Duke University, “Our Funniest, Weirdest, Most Memorable Thanksgiving Stories.” The article may help jog your memories. 

Pick up your pen and get started. Yes, I know we are all busy preparing for the big day but you CAN do this! 

Have fun, laugh out loud and enjoy the writing process. You have a week to delight your Thanksgiving guests with YOUR stories on Thanksgiving Day. Happy ThanksGiving, Y'all!

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