November 15, 2019

SEO: The Path That Leads The Reader to Your Doorstep Part 1

By Rhonda Robinson

With over 4 million blog posts being published daily, understanding and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical in finding your target audience. More importantly, it paves a direct path for readers to your doorstep.

SEO is the stage and setting for you and your reader’s first date. There are three characters in this relationship: The searcher (your reader), the robot search engine (“the butler bot”), and you (the writer).

The searcher wants results. Now. Information on anything and everything she is looking for immediately. She holds the power of the internet, literally, in the palm of her hand. She has needs, and she expects to quickly find the help she’s looking for.

The search engine wants revenue. It’s design, programming, and purpose is to generate revenue. Not for you—but for the web properties it serves. Think of it as a little butler robot serving the searcher relevant and popular answers on a silver plate. The bots’ goal is to keep searchers on the web properties it owns as long as possible. This is how it generates revenue.

The writer wants to be found. Blog posts read. Books sold. You want to be on that pretty silver tray of offerings to your readers. Whether its traffic to your website, article, or video content—that’s how your found.

Is your content discoverable? Can it be found when your readers are not looking for you?

Are you available? Can you be found when they are looking specifically for you.

We tend to think of the internet and search engines as one in the same. We envision this information highway like our own interstate highways. A more accurate way to think of the internet is as individual cities, with houses that have their own addresses.

Pinterest has its own search engine that seeks to keep visitors on its own property. When a searcher puts in the keywords to find what she is looking for the bot only searches Pinterest. The same goes for YouTube.

Google has paid ads the searcher will always see first. Google’s property, the results page, dedicates a small portion of each page to the most relevant content in its own city. That’s where you want your address to show up.

We spend a lot of time and effort trying to connect with readers on social media. It’s just as important to show up in the right city, so the bot can serve up your address to the person searching for you—whether they know they need you or not.

Which search engine should you be available and discovered on? On Monday 11-18-19 I will explore more SEO ideas in Part Two titled, "SEO Helps You Write for One and Reach the Multitudes- Part Two."
Rhonda Robinson is an author, speaker, and marketing coach with EA Books Publishing. She has led teams of writers and social media managers to create online viral content.As a mother and a grandmother of a growing population of towheads, Rhonda launched her passion for the next generation into the front lines of the culture war. Her work is known for its disarming honesty and in-depth analysis. Her commentary has been read on-air by Rush Limbaugh and referenced by policy institutes. Hundreds of her articles and columns have been published in traditional newspapers and influential conservative sites. As a recovering political junkie, Rhonda restores her barefoot soul writing tucked in the hills of Tennessee, among the herbs and muddy paw prints. Her new book, FreeFall: Holding on to Faith When the Unthinkable Strikes is due out Jan. 2020 New Hope Publishers. Social Media links: website. Facebook: Twitter: @amotherslife Linked In: Rhonda-Robinson

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