January 17, 2019

Write a Christmas Story during Winter Hibernation

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

The weather outside may be frightful. The news may be horrific, but for me, winter is a favorite time of year. I enjoy the season of winter hibernation. It’s the perfect time to write a Christmas story. I’ve got my fingers crossed the weekend storm system includes some fluffy white snow.

My high school friend, Debra is a retired librarian and avid reader. She recently posted on FaceBook this beautiful picture looking out into her backyard after a recent snowfall. The beautiful picture gave me the idea that we could be inspired to write a Christmas story now, while Christmas 2018 is fresh in our minds, and the weather has some of us housebound.

Four years ago I read an article titled, “Writing a Good Christmas Story: Four Things to Consider” by Scott D. Southward. This is the link with his observations. It’s kind of like a Christmas story formula. His article informs the parts of classic Christmas stories that resonate for readers' Christmas story writing plan.

Another article by Jess Zafarris titled “4 Writing Techniques to Borrow from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol” explores techniques that resonated with generations of readers making “The Christmas Carol.” Here is the link so you can consider these techniques used by author, Charles Dickens:

Thanks to my friend Debra and her inspiring photo. I ask Debra about her yard, I thought her backyard was maybe joining a golf green. She told me “The space between the iron fence and the wood fence is for the horse path, and past the wood fence is a horse farm. There’s another horse farm on the other side of our neighbor.” After finding out more, my imagination is running wild like these horses on YouTube.

Join me if you're snowed in this weekend and write a Christmas story. Are y’all in?

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