April 4, 2018

Marketing – Finding Your Way

By Sandra Mansfield Wright

Marketing, I have found to be one of the most difficult aspects of the writing process. How do I find time to market when I am trying to write?  Making it a priority in the process is important. Carve out the time in each week to market your project and yourself. For me it is a commitment of at least one to two hours a week for marketing projects. A writer’s group of like-minded people may be of great help; they have been for me. Ideas, brain-storming, hearing how others are promoting their writing has helped me. I gather ideas, tweak them to fit my needs and go from there. When we share our ideas, other ideas often develop.

One of the things I have done, that seems to be working for me, is having a ‘Joy Luncheon’ in my home once a month. My writings thus far have been focused on ‘Creating a Life of Joy!’  Groups of twelve to fifteen may come to my home for a delicious lunch catered by my daughter’s company, Simply Done, of Collierville, TN. The group tours my circa 1890 cottage home, eat on antique china, and have a fun day.  After the tour and luncheon, I speak briefly on the subject of ‘Creating a Life of Joy’ and share my books with my guests.

Another idea we have created is ‘A Day of Joy’ for guests of 15 up to 50 people. This is a day’s venue held in a historic church building starting at 10:30 with appetizers and greetings, a guest speaker on a subject relevant to the group: i.e. essential oils and their benefits to our health, flower arranging, gardening, table landscaping.  Topics change seasonally and can be fitted to the group involved. Lunch is then served. After lunch I speak on the subject of finding joy in our lives - no matter what! We end the afternoon with a ‘high tea’ and desserts. Sometimes we may have a guest soloist or music offered as a special treat. We may have a hands-on workshop creating a wreath for the front door, jewelry making, or other “fun” events.

These events are promoted by word of mouth, sending out post card type event cards telling people about the luncheons, mentioned on my personal website and blog, and giving out book marks with short descriptions of each of my books and a bio on one side, and on the opposite side there is a ‘Joy Luncheon’ description. I leave these bookmarks everywhere I go, and give them to anyone who will take them.  People who attend these luncheons are the best advertisement – because they always tell someone they know, and word spreads!

Different things work for different people. Listen, watch, and think about the talents you have and creative ways in which you can market yourself and your work. Share ideas with others and get their feedback and counsel.

“Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.”   - Proverbs 15: 22
After retiring from her career in real estate, Sandra Mansfield Wright became an interior designer for the heart. She writes and speaks on the subject of joy and provides practical ways to bring joy more fully into the lives of her readers and listeners. Sandra lives near Memphis, TN, and is the author of Little Gifts of Joy and 365 Daily Gifts of JoyGo to for more information and to read her blog.

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