April 12, 2018

Can You Only Imagine?

By Annette Cole Mastron, Communications Director for Southern Writers Magazine

This week, I saw the excellent movie, I Can Only Imagine. It is the story of the writer and performer of the song of the same title. It is also about Bart Millard's, MercyMe's singer/songwriter, inspiration for the song. Quite literally, it is a David and Goliath story, with a twist. The songwriter learns forgiveness for his childhood monster, which includes his own personal Goliath, his father. Bart also witnesses his father’s redemption, a powerful message indeed.

In Bart’s story, there are 2 people highlighted who helped him along the way. One of them, an gifted music teacher in a small rural town, saw his talent when he didn’t even know he could sing. Another is a famous singer who unselfishly gave him back his song. These two individuals gave him their help which ultimately made Bart, and MercyMe, a success. This isn’t just a movie about Bart’s story. It’s also a movie about being in the right place, doing the right thing to help someone else’s dreams come true. It’s a theme we at Southern Writers Magazine, and especially this blog, believe in wholeheartedly. There’s a lesson in his story for us all. Giving your support to others, showing kindness and doing the right thing will ultimately lead to your own success. 

Author, Claire Fullerton has this philosophy, too. She writes amazing reviews of other authors books, all while writing her own books. She then shares these reviews on all her social media sites. She’s an author who is also a supporter and giver to other authors, and to her readers. 

My first introduction to Claire’s, Millie & Finley characters was in November 2016 in this short Christmas piece titled, A Place In The World, free to read at this linkClaire gave to readers a snippet of her characters at the The Dead Mule Society website. These characters have occupied a corner of my mind ever since 2016. I think of them from time to time, craving more of their story. Her third book Mourning Dove, with Millie & Finley’s story, releases in June. Well done, Claire Fullerton you have helped fellow authors and pre-marketed your book by introducing these memorable characters two years before the book releases. 

It costs nothing to help another author. Just show your kindness for a fellow author. Write a book review for a fellow author and watch your own success occur. In the comments, please share a book review you’ve written for a fellow author. If you’re a reader writing a review will help authors to stay motivated to continue honing their craft. Then, share it on your own social media links. 

You could even share this blog post which will include all the comments. Authors will appreciate your support, and readers will love finding out about your memorable characters and new books they can read. 

Success can occur if “YOU Can Only Imagine?

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